Pong And Remix


One of the first projects I’ve worked on was re-creating the game of classic Pong. I used various color coding to show where the colliders work and don’t work.


Once the classic game of Pong was made, we had to create a remix version of it. I wanted to create something with a bit of story and background to it. Previously, we had our first encounter with Unity and creating basic objects. With the limited amount of time I had, I was able to create something that would catch the eye of an audience and pushed the project to look a bit more clean with animations, a menu, an instructions scene page, and Credits as a set up to guide the player. With, the previous encounter with unity I had, I wanted to add on to my theme and add a story to go with it.


(First Concept Image)


Thus, Ping-Pong Sheep was made:

Instructions Page

– Arturo Rico

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