One of the first board games I made using the Roll20 program. The game consists of a post-apocalyptic setting made all about chance. The players must roll two dice and use what they get to battle on or cooperate. All rules are shown at the bottom of the game itself.

You’re put in a settlement in which you must build up from what has been caused by a nuclear disaster. you can play alone or with a friend. the main rule is, survive and build your way up into a strong civilization. You can build turrets, walls and tighten defenses from negative rolls. Trading with the other player can lead to a better chance of survival for both civilizations. However, always be sure to tighten up your areas in case someone gets too needy. First, to build up and reach the third and final city development wins the game.      Click to play

Balance Between Opposites: The Game

Although the screenshot itself may seem a bit small to read, you can always check out the game Here.


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