Game Details

Coalition is a side-scroller puzzle game in which it’s meant to be played among two people. These two will be able to control just one character on the screen. Each player will have set controls for different parts of the character’s body. This way, players will have to alongside one another in order to complete puzzles and reach the end of each stage/ level with even the most simplistic mechanics.

Coalition was an initial elevator pitch presentation I had done for Full Sail’s Final projects list, to be chosen and created by students. Along with all my former classmates, we had all pitched an original idea and a few were selected for us to branch off of to expand and create from these pitches. Fortunately, mine was chosen as an idea for teams to pick for our final game projects. Unfortunately, it wasn’t created by any teams. However, I love the aspect of this idea and I look forward to creating some showcasing levels myself to hopefully show just how much the right amount of level designing can play through with even the most simplistic mechanics.

Although this game is still in very early development stages, I can really see the potential of this game being branched out to 1-4 players with each player controlling different body parts (right arm, left arm, left leg, etc.) For now, the simplistic mechanics can call for various ways for me as a designer to create challenging levels, enemies, and tasks for players to try and overcome by teamwork.

Intent & Inspiration

The main inspiration of my wanting to create a game like this was to help simplify controller mechanics with people of disabilities. I saw a video of someone with one arm playing a challenging shooter game and thought, there should be more gaming titles that allow people of all over to play; even with the most simple controller mechanics. Whether it be to jump, go down, move left or right, I want to have people from all over be able to enjoy these experiences without the hassle of having a manifold of buttons. Or even feeling left out of some of these gaming experiences. This is why I believe with the right amount of Design, Coalition would be viable breathe of fresh air to our gaming communities.



(In this Gif Above, this portion is a presentation of the character now having two separate bots. the controls still work the same (One player controlling the left, down movement inputs, while the other controls the other movement inputs, (right and up movements)) However, having two bots within this small prototype level, keeps the players in for more strategically focused playthroughs) Again, this is in still very early prototype development.

Pitch Presentation

Click Picture to watch video on a separate tab. Length – 3:58