Mankind Reborn is a tabletop strategy game in which players take the role of being in command of either the Humans or the Evolutionary Cyborgs. With various types of strategical moves, players need to set up the base and begin trying to conquer their opponent’s resources.


The images shown below are a few examples of tile placements, a variety of troops, different tiles players are given, and a basic ruleset that players can follow to play the game.

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Game Download Link & Info

For more information, please click the Image below to view the Full Game and Ruleset; with full cut-out pieces as well as different diagram examples for game setups for beginners.

Mankind Reborn

Detailed Info

Game Design

  • Mankind Reborn was a pitch I initially made to the team. I wanted to remake the game with a similar theme and gameplay style as a game I previously made named Balance Between Opposites. I wanted to try and take the randomness factor away from the game and have players actually play fair and play with their very own decision making.
  • My team and I, dissected this older game I created and with new knowledge of Game balancing we created a game with different types of moves that also equal out the decision making from both parties. However, each side has different and exclusive moves that can aid them with each and every move they make.

Game Balancing

  • We used Excel and google sheets to balance out the various troops’ damage and move sets per each player turn. To view any extra information regarding statistics on balancing, please click here.
  • Different terrain tiles and placements, give players the freedom to play how they want with a balanced playthrough.
  • Various options with terrain and environmental sabotage can also change the direction of players with a smaller hit of negative feedback loops.