Project Details

This is the first game group project from FullSail, in which my team and I created a game with a combination of our individual levels. This gives the players the opportunity to explore the different areas and collect several items in order to complete the game. We used Google Hangouts to communicate, as well as Perforce to collaborate for the duration of this project.

My level is the very first area you enter from the spawning point. The objective of the game is to collect useful objects and collectibles. Most importantly, the player must follow the route and escape the town they are sent to, to collect forbidden items. (The theme and was a task given to us, for more information on the concept of Scraps, please click the following link to read the Game Design Documenthere.)

The image below is the initial layout design we had chosen. Now, of course, we closed up open areas and cleaned up transitions. from level to level. we implemented the separate items we each carried per level as a full list of collectibles making the game flow more easily as a whole. (Click the image below to view map.)


Initial Alpha and Final Gold build

My level consists of the very beginning up until the player reaches the outside of the bulldozer nearing the end of the level. To show teamwork flow, I added a full video walkthrough consisting of what my team and I decided to go in the direction in, in the sense of scenery and getting through obstacles to challenge the players. Here are some pictures of my level.

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Alpha Building Stage

This link contains the Block-out of my first level, GravTown. Please feel free to view the initial and first weeks process of our game in its Alpha phase. (Click the image below)GravTown_BlockoutPic.PNG

Border-Towns Full Walkthrough

This link is the Final ‘Gold’ Version of the game BorderTowns. My levels runtime is from 00:00 – 04: 50. Feel free to check out the Full Walkthrough. (Click the image below)


Detailed Info

Level Design & Building

  • Created Level 1 (First Area). I tried to give a simple introduction to the core mechanics by having the player use their “Gravnull” right away to get across the fence with a box to their left. Although they won’t make it across alone with the box, the player needs to look at the environment to give them an extra jumping layer to get across. I believe my level is a good introduction to what is expected throughout the rest of my peers’ levels.
  • We started with a week of a basic block out example of the levels. As you can see above.
  • I assisted with some of the scripts to get trigger implementations working within Level 3. (Area 3)

Scripting (C#)

  • Most coding was passed down to the team as assets. I did, however, work with animation and trigger implementations with the first crumbling door, statue collapse, bulldozer leaving, and key implementations in order to open up an optionary chest in the far right building by the bulldozer.