This was a short project I made for my schools Game-Jam month. In the span of three weeks, I was given the theme of “Fall Apart”. In Strive. I focused on making it a puzzle-based game. However, the puzzles are based on the way players traverse from point A to B. There are four different levels that players go through as they control a simple sphear of light. Tying in with the overall theme, players traverse through various tiles which fall apart as the player exits them; players must navigate their way to the light in order to continue to the next level.

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(Press the pause button when the GIF above plays to view gameplay for Strive.)

Design Intent

I  designed this project, Strive. to contain pretty subliminal messages in regards to depression and sadness. Portraying the theme of ‘Falling Apart’ I wanted players to play as a sphere of light resembling hope. As players are put into a world of darkness, sometimes it isn’t so easy to reach the ray of light we all hope to somewhat reach in certain points of our lives. The tiles we cross are and can be different paths and at times they don’t come back once we leave them. This is why I wanted to portray the design of certain messages as a word of advice on how the players approach these obstacles along their path. In reality, a lot of these messages can be applied to life and how we approach certain obstacles in our everyday lives.

From the ambient yet melancholy music and colors used in this game, everything has a significant meaning to how we approach and view depression. Through trial, players will eventually reach the last level. I wanted to show that every time a player fails, their path chosen is showed from a distant perspective. if players continue to fail, viewing things from a different perspective allows them to make wiser decisions for the next time they are faced with the same or similar puzzle/object.

For more information on my interpretation of Strive, please feel free to read my GDD provided below within the links for the game.

Gameplay Video

Here is a full playthrough of Strive. to watch, please click the image below.

Runtime: 3:52


Where To Play

If you have a windows computer, click on the link below to play via HTML link.



To Download, please on the link below (Please download using a PC or Mac). This link provides my Game Design Document. Please read for further information and my design intentions for the theme of this game.

Download Strive.


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