The Paper Magician was a game developed by 4 students as the final capstone for Full Sail University’s finals project in the span of 5 months of planning, designing, and developing.

The Paper Magician is a dark themed 2D puzzle side-scroller.

As a game designer, I helped the team come together as one and help with different ideas in how the game would look in regards to level designing. I also worked with coding movement and interaction-based mechanics with the main character, Val. I also worked with all her movements and implementations of animations and sounds for her actions and interactions.

For the majority of the game’s levels, I focused on levels 1-3. I drew them out, implemented block-outs of all obstacles and puzzles, and tested them throughout various prototypes made in Unity. Various changes were made from start to finish, however, I polished up the levels and player control movement as much as possible.

See below for more detailed information!

Note: All screenshots and videos reflect the work of all team (spellcasting mechanics, health, ui, enemies, design choices, etc).


(coming soon..)

Gameplay Videos

Here is a full playthrough of missions 1-3 The video contains a good portion of my work. (Enemies are credited to Justin Reeves, spell casting, health system are credited to Dennis Estep and story, UI elements to Cynthia Livingston)

Full The Paper Magician Game Walkthrough

(Click Pictures to take you to videos uploaded onto youtube.)


PostMortem (Click Image Below)


Detailed Info 

Level Design & Building

  • Created levels 1-3. However, I did not work with the placed terrain. I had to re-adjust my level block out to match with the set terrain. I also did not work with any prefabs brought in so I wanted to make sure the prefabs weren’t set in the background of the game. I designed levels 1-3 to have the player be in the environment the assets brought in. And for the players to work their way through while introducing them to new mechanics at a steady pace.
  • I assisted with and refined all moving objects placed in the game to try and match the speed of the levels they were being used in. As well as all door triggers, ladders, and Paper Cranes.
  • Worked with our Art team to implement their work into our spell objects/items.
  • Worked with our sound designer to implement music for our backgrounds in the different levels. I created triggers to set off music for each level.
  • I implemented different sound triggers for different indications of enemies or hazards ahead of the player.

Scripting (c#)

  • Basic player movement (move left, right, jump, crouch, etc) Reads when the player gets hit or performs an action, to play certain animations or enable certain colliders attached to the player.
  • Added ladder climbing mechanic, (refined movements of when the player stops holding climbing buttons)
  • Implemented parenting mechanic for moving objects.
  • Added in animation and transportation of player and paper crane spell in areas with crane outline to assist the player to the other side. This consists of player transitioning from point A to B and reappearing once animation plays out.
  • Implemented Spring Jump spell mechanic to open and close as the player approaches and interacts with spell objects.
  • Made sticky ball interactable with puzzle triggers. As well as Paper Knight (interactable with certain objects) and players character. Most of these triggers either have a set timer to either “open” or “close” objects or doors.
  • Created script to transition cameras when players activate certain triggers.


  • Refined and balanced placement of enemies and objects in beginning combat encounters.
  • Placed fallen tree cover in level 1 (after first wolf encounter created by Justin Reeves).
  • Ensured proper encounter pacing for levels 1-3.


All animations used for the player character were downloaded from Mixamo.

  • Used animations to play along with player interactions, controls, and health system.
  • Added in custom animations for Val riding the paper crane, Spring Jump, timed moving platforms, camera transitions, level 1 spike puzzle (near the end of the level) and opening/closing doors.


  • Worked with the art team to get certain ideas of how the team and I wanted our spells to look. I also implemented most of the art teams work within the game.


All audio I used for the player, enemies, and environmental hazards were downloaded from Freesound.

  • Used Audio to as a trigger to signal upcoming enemies and hazards. I also used sounds to distinguish the different triggers being interacted with.
  • Used sounds as music for levels 4-6 and ending credits.
  • Used sounds to signify rewards, when the player took damage and completed a puzzle.
  • Worked with Audio Designer to get an idea of what type of background music we could use in credits and levels, 1 – 3.

Story & Dialog

  • Worked with the team to add in new spells as a way of Val re-gaining memory and being able to use them as progression learning curves with proper level designing.

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