I am a Game Designer that graduated from Full Sail University with +4 years of experience along with on-going projects. I’ve studied more in-depth views regarding psychology to get a better understanding of players and myself.

I mostly focus on designing, building, and scripting games with narrative and environmental-storytelling gameplay. I also work with game balancing and pacing.

I enjoy leading and working alongside creative environments where my teammates and myself work off one another and push ourselves further to creating and learning experiences.

My Games

Riley In The Abyss

Riley In The Abyss is a 2D story driven adventure game that deals with our protagonist, Riley, trying to find her way out of a series of underwater floors. Dealing with treacherous enemies, obstacles, and her psyche. Riley must …Continue.

The Paper Magician

The Paper Magician was a game developed by 4 students as the final capstone for Full Sail University’s finals project in the span of 5 months of planning, designing, and developing.

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This was a short project I made for my schools Game-Jam month. In the span of three weeks, I was given the theme of “Fall Apart”. In Strive. I focused on making it a puzzle-based game….Continue


The objective of the game is to collect useful objects and collectibles. Most importantly, the player must follow the route and escape the town they are sent to, to collect forbidden items. (….Continue

Analog Games


Role: Lead Game Designer

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ManKind Reborn

Role: Game Designer

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